Look at this dork laughing at his own joke

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I am still unsure of my college program.

Physical therapy is something. Being accepted in the program itself is an honor. But, It’s not me. It’s too… prestigious, too disciplined, too formal. I don’t feel passionate about it. The only subject I enjoy right now is Literature. PT gives me a very solid future, though. But… I don’t know. There’s no room for anything. It’s like books after books and memorizing and trying to impress professors.. It’s too competitive. Well, I am competitive. I just hate how everyone feels like the enemy. Everyone is very grade conscious. It’s like every fuckin point counts and it (actually) does. There’s no fun. I feel old. It’s too much of futures and the lack of nows. It’s like I’m wasting my youth and I don’t like it. But… Y’know. Why not? I’ll try. It’s always a challenge.

75% sure this is my future

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I need to sleep but I can’t. So, I’ll post something.

I’ve read Anna and the french kiss, the whole Maze Runner trilogy, and the Fifth wave. Currently, i’m reading If I stay and the Catcher in the rye. Because I’m stubborn and defiant I don’t read books that are required but eventually when they aren’t required anymore, i read them. I know, attitude problems. Hahahahah. I’ll probably read my entire high school syllabus next because u know, there’s no more pressure to rush and memorize

My apartment became livable. I handle things on my own now: paying bills, rent and shit. The plus side is I get to have my name written in credit and debit cards which is, totally awesome.

I’m getting braces in December. Yuh wth.

Hmm type type type need to type hmmm

Oh and I miss high school a lot. And then there’s someone I want to have a talk with because I am genuinely concerned about him and his life and gad i can’t reach him and it is driving me nuts like seriously i just arg

My mom is crying while watching filipino movies right now and yah she can be very very emotional

My birthday is near and yuh I’m turning 16 YAY finally hehe I am the youngest person in our classroom and I’m a huge person like compared to this tiny 18 yr old i look like a whale like seriously hahahahahaah everytime they ask my age like they are surprised like seriously ok i’m 15 im in college so ok


do rude people know they’re rude

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friendship at its purest

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Six hundred goddamn AD

Six hundred. Goddamn AD.



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im literally always looking at my reflection not because im conceited but because i just think it feels kind strange to have a physical form and im constantly trying to process who and what i am

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