Hi anong course mo kamusta ka na ang tagal na nating di naguusap di naman sa ano gusto ko lang talaga malaman ok hahahaha hahahahahahahahahha ok ok ok ok
Sorry for posting this
But u know i can’t ask him so idk i needed to write it somehow
Sorry sorry

Moving-in-day today.
Look at how messed up my apartment is hahahahahahaha
So, tomorrow is the start of actual classes and my apartment looks like shit and i’m tired as fuck and yes hahahahahaahahhahahaha
And my classes start at 7 so hahahahahahahha
Let’s be happy hahahaahhaahha

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"Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet leaves on the heel that has crushed it." - Mark Twain

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Kids Who Lost The Fight Against Sleep

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i have like 609453804 books to read

but you know what i’m gonna do

i’m gonna buy more books

And then I will read fanfiction.

and then i will read books that i’ve already read

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